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[Installation Case] Swingtector - Column and wall protection
Greetings from P&F P&F supplied and installed Swingtector. Installed product details are below: * Swingtector - Column protector: S type 600hx579dx741w - Wall protector: S type 1000hx1860dx1870d - Powder coated pipe     Our standard pipe is galvanized pipe but we also provide powder coated pipe on request. For inquiry, please contact   P&F Team  
Date:20-05-11 View:588
Post Guard Impact Test
Greetings from P&F. P&F tested different type of Post Protector with forlklift. Please visit below link for test video. If you have any question, please contact Thank you.  
Date:20-04-10 View:92
[Installation Case] Post Guard and Swingtector
Greetings from P&F. P&F provided Post Guard and Swingtector. Product details are below: - Post Guard PGB model: applicable post 90-100mm - Swingtector S type U-Shape : 2200x450(h), 1000x450(w)       Post Guard is available for 3 sizes (PGA 80-90mm, PGB 90-100mm, PGC 100-125mm) P&F provide customising service upon request.   Please contact our sales team (sales@pnfkorea....
Date:20-03-10 View:95
[Installation Case] SWINGTECTOR - Conveyor Protector
P&F provide conveyor protector for logistic company. Detail is below : - Swingtector S type - Detail: 600(h)x951(d)x1556(w)       P&F provide customized solution for your workplace. Please send us your request to, we'll provide best solution for you.     - P&F Team -  
Date:20-02-28 View:279
[Installation Case] Column Guard (Swingtector S type)
Greetings from P&F. We would like to share our recent project. We installed column guard used Swingtector S type. Details is below: - Product: Column Guard, Swingtector S type - Detail: 680(w)x750(d)x450(h)            
Date:20-02-06 View:108
MODEX 2020
  We're participating MODEX 2020 in Atlanta, USA from 9 - 12 March. Please visit our booth #1334 to discover full range of our products. For more information about MODEX, please visit for more information.  
Date:20-02-06 View:130
Logi-MAT 2020
  We're participating Logi-MAT 2020 in Stuttgart, Germany from 10-12 March. Please visit our booth located in Hall5 C29 to discover full range of our products. For more information about Logi-MAT, please visit for more information.   See you at Stuttgart!
Date:20-02-06 View:1506
[Installation Case] SWINGTECTOR - Frame Protector
P&F recently installed Frame Protector in warehouse include cold storage. Installed product detail is below: - Product: SWINGTECTOR S Type U-Shape - Detail: 2250(w)x450(h) We provide customizing service using connector so you can build frame protector, column protector and more. Please contacat our sales team for quotation or any question  
Date:19-12-12 View:139
[Installation Case] SWINGTECTOR Guiderail
Greetings Recently P&F installed SWINGTECTOR Guidlerail at Korea. Installed products are below: - SWINGTECTOR L Type Guiderail - SWINGTECTOR S Type Bollard   Guiderail has 2 color : blue and yellow It's up to you to choose the color but we recommend combine 2 color together for better visivility.   For any inquiry, please contact our team for more information. Regards, ...
Date:19-11-25 View:1355
[FTA News] S. Korea-C. America FTA to partially take effect
South Korea's Free Trade Agreement with group of Central Ameican countries is partially effect from Oct 1st. Please refer below link for more information.   Photo provided from Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy  
Date:19-11-06 View:365
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