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[FTA News] S. Korea-C. America FTA to partially take effect
South Korea's Free Trade Agreement with group of Central Ameican countries is partially effect from Oct 1st. Please refer below link for more information.   Photo provided from Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy  
Date:19-11-06 View:15
[Installation Case] Post Guard and SWINGTECTOR (Floor Repair)
Greetings from P&F Recently we supplied and installed to S company in Korea. Installed products are below: - Post Guard: PGA - Swingtector: S type U-Shape (1100*450h, 2700*450h), S type Bollard (500h) with powder coated pipe There was damaged floor on site, we provided repair service and install Swingtector. For price inquiry, please contact sales@pnfkorea, or whatsapp us to  +82-10-9129-2204
Date:19-10-30 View:19
Thank you for visiting us at Materials Handling Middle East 2019
Warm greetings from P&F KOREA. We sincerely thank all our clients for visiting our booth during Materials Handling Middle East 2019. We very much enjoyed meeting with you and glad that we had a chance to promote our latest product. We hope you’ve enjoyed the exhibition. P&F exhibit POST GUARD, POST BUMPER and SWINGTECTOR this year. POST BUMPER is our latest development which is upright protector made of steel and cont...
Date:19-09-11 View:1359
[Installation Case] Protector for charging station etc.
Greetings from P&F Team We installed customized Door protector, bollard and protector for charging station recently at C logistic center in Korea.   [Installation products detail] - SWINGTECTOR L-Type Bollard (1000mmH) - Door protector made from SWINGTECTOR L-Type and connectors (4000mmH) - Protector for charging station made from SWINGTECTOR L-Type and connector (powder coating)   SWINGTECTOR has Small a...
Date:19-08-23 View:31
[Installation Case] SWINGTECTOR (Corner Protector, Bollard)
Greetings from P&F KOREA. Recently P&F installed SWINGTECTOR at C logistic center in KOREA.   Installed products detail is below : - Corner Protector made of SWINGTECTOR L Type and Connector - U-Shape(double) made of SWINGTECTOR L Type and Connector - SWINGTECTOR L Type Bollard   We provide customizing service upon request. Please contact for quotation. Regards, P&F Tea...
Date:19-08-21 View:557
[Installation Case] SWINGTECTOR U-Shape
Greetings from P&F P&F installed SWINGTECTOR U-Shape at C company's warehouse in KOREA. Installed product is S Type SWINGTECTOR U-Shape.   Applicable industry/cases of SWINGTECTOR is various such as racking system, major facility, door, H-beam etc. Wide and height is adjustable upon request, please contact our sales team( for more information. P&F Team
Date:19-08-05 View:40
SWINGTECTOR exported to Saudi Arabia
Greetings from P&F Korea P&F starts export to abroad! Recently we exported SWINGTECTOR to Saudi Arabia. We expect this would be the starting point for our exportation to not only GCC countries but also MENA region. SWINGTECTOR is shock absorbing product, it’ll tilt back and recovers back to original when there is impact. We exported basic bollard type, U-Shape and column guard this time.   SWINGTECTOR already acq...
Date:19-08-02 View:34
[Installation Case] Post Guard & SWINGTECTOR (Bollard, U-Shape, Door protector)
Greetings from P&F Team. P&F installed Post Guard and SWINGTECTOR at H cold storage in Korea. Installed products are below: - Post Guard: PGB size (90-100mm) - SWINGTECTOR: Bollard, U-Shape(as frame protector), Door Protector   We applied SWINGTECTOR's technic to door protector. Like other SWINGTECTOR, the door protector is tilt back and recovers back to original position when there is impact. Door Protector i...
Date:19-08-02 View:6517
[Installation Case] Post Guard & SWINGTECTOR
Greetings from P&F Team   P&F recently installed Post Guard and SWINGTECTOR at W Food processing company in Korea. Product details are below: - Post Guard: PGA size (Usable for 80-90mm Post) - SWINGTECTOR: L Type Bollard   Post Guard is available for 3 sizes (PGA: 80-90mm, PGB: 90-100mm, PGC: 100-125mm) For SWINGTECTOR, we provide customize service. Please contact our sales team ( fo...
Date:19-08-02 View:6905
[Installation Case] SWINGTECTOR Bollard & Corner Protector
Greetings from P&F Team Recently we install SWINGTECTOR at M warehouse in Korea. Installed product details are below:   - SWINGTECTOR L Type as Corner protector - SWINGTECTOR L Type Bollard     SWINGTECTOR size is adjustable upon request. Please contact our sales team ( for quotation. P&F Team
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